Looking for some Peace of Mind

If I am good, I could add years to my life
I would rather add some life to my years
Life is really what you make it they say
I can’t even make my mind up today

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My apologies for the lack of beautiful music of late and in reality an abundance of other things. I got lost searching for the sound of the colour of the sun.

Turns out it’s been there all along.

I am hoping to get this thing, whatever it is, whatever it could be, up and running once again in the near future. Please check back in the coming days/weeks for a few changes concerning Everything’s Alright Forever. I’ve been working on a few ideas involving more diversity in the primary content of the website.

I’m sure you avid readers have noticed, or perhaps not, Everything’s Alright Forever is not present in the fanatical world of “social” media networking any longer. I’ve come to believe that life is better spent wandering in nature, traversing city streets, vomiting in alleys behind bars, enjoying breakfast together the morning after, listening to great music loudly, pissing off your neighbours rather than endlessly scrolling Twitter, taking “selfies,” watching Youtube videos or streaming fucking Netflix. Go outside. It’s nice out there.

In the meantime, please enjoy the following:


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LUMERIANS – Transmissions From Telos Vol. III

transmissions from telos v 3

Transmissions from Telos Vol. III, the new record by Lumerians is out on Cardinal Fuzz right now.

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SINGAPORE SLING – The Tower Of Foronicity

Singapore Sling

From the band that brought us such gems as Life Is Killing My Rock N Roll and The Curse of Singapore Sling comes The Tower of Foronicity. The 7th full length by Icelandic post-punk/psych rockers Singapore Sling is out now on Fuzz Club Records.

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OLD TESTAMENT – Old Testament

Old testament

Stripped-down American rock n roll on this debut LP by Old Testament. A new project from Jason Simon (Dead Meadow), Nate Ryan (Shine Brothers, Black Angels), Ryan Rapsys, Oak Munson & Jessica Senteno. This self-titled LP is out on Cardinal Fuzz and Evil Hoodoo. Now as in Ancient Times, the 10 minute jammer, is below.

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